Tours are a great way to see the world, especially if you are either a first-time traveller, or just a little tight on time. If you don't speak the language

Expeditions are for the more rugged adventurer, those of you who are perhaps a bit fitter and can't wait to divide your time between transport and hiking. You'll be scaling rock faces, hiking to volcano craters and doing African safaris by canoe before long! But don't forget, even if you're in the middle of hiking the Himalayas, there are plenty of things you can do to keep in line with responsible travel... there was a time not long ago that the Inca Tral was dubbed the 'toilet paper trail'.

If you're looking for tips on researching and raising the sponsorship for your future trip, visit our pages on research, finance and fundraising.



Hiking in the Andes or rafting down the Zambezi, expeditions are often several weeks long, action packed & adrenaline fuelled.


Overland Tours - camping

1 week or 6 months, overland camping trips are for people with a real love of the outdoors.


Coach Tours

If you are looking for something a little more sedate, yet wish to fit a lot of travel into your holiday then a coach tour might be for you.


Local Tours

Local tours are usually day trips that allow you to gain more insight into the culture. A great way to explore while retaining your independence.


Public Transport Tours

These are for those of you who want a bit more independence, usually a smaller group size, and to feel that they are really travelling like the locals.


Overland Tours - hotels

These are perfect if you are looking for lots of travel and adventure, but want to know you've got a good night's sleep at the end of the day.



Everyone loves a good safari and whether you're tracking lions in Africa or searching for tigers in India there are ways to do this responsibly.